In 2008, we designed, tested and delivered our first set of deflectors. We had access to unique knowledge and capacities that could represent a real change to the traditional deflector technologies.


In 2013, we released our MODE deflector series, which has proven to give our customers improved vessel performance and capacities - in many ways considered game changing technology.

In 2016, a conventional sized vessel with 12 towing points managed to perform a world record-breaking achievement by using our MODE 53 deflectors. 1.8km wide across the front ends. With each of the ten streamers separated by 200m, the total area covered by the spread was 17.6 This was the largest in-sea configuration ever towed by a single seismic vessel as well as the largest man-made moving object on earth.

Other towed configurations are 12 x 150 m (1,650 m) and 14 x 100 m (1,300 m)

The philosophy in making the MODE deflectors is to present a product outperforming the existing technology. The MODE technology is modular. We are using the same foil throughout one deflector size, and only using two foil sizes for the whole range of MODE deflectors. Steel parts are interchangeable on each deflector, and between some deflector sizes. This reduces the need for spare parts on each vessel, thus simplifying the global spare parts logistics.

Deflector parts compatibility chart